Kids' Book Feature #1: Brooklyn and the Magic Ring

Posted by Ren Rieskamp on

My good friend Shawn and I collaborated on this delightful children's book awhile ago. He wrote the story, I made the illustrations.

It's a wonderful tale of a young farm mouse, Brooklyn, who finds a golden ring in the farmer's garden. The ring is very special, a thing of magic which promises peace for the entire farmstead, but only while the farmer possesses it. Brooklyn finding the ring in the garden, having been lost to the farmer, draws the attention of the villainous farm rat, Vincent. Vincent quickly conspires with the farmer's house cat to use the ring to take over the farmstead and eat the mouse family for dinner!

Will he and the cat succeed? How can Brooklyn and her family defeat them and get the ring back where it belongs?!

The story is available in paperback and on Kindle, on Amazon: